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Anthony Richardson


Anthony Richardson

Fantasy or Fools Gold?

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There's a new face in town generating quite a stir in the world of fantasy football. Anthony Richardson, recently selected as the 4th overall pick by the Indianapolis Colts, has got everyone from casual observers to seasoned pundits intrigued. We'll dive deep into his college stats, compare them with other standout quarterbacks, and decipher what these figures could mean for his fantasy football impact.



Dual-Threat Potential: Richardson isn't just a one-trick pony. His rushing capability is the stuff of fantasy football dreams. With 1116 rushing yards at an impressive average of 6.9 yards per attempt, he's reminiscent of top-tier dual-threat quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts. This combination of passing and rushing potential significantly amplifies his fantasy value, promising points from both the air and the ground.

Physical Prowess: On draft day, Richardson tipped the scales at over 230lbs and measured up at a towering 6’4. The latest whispers from the Colts training camp suggest he's bulked up to over 250lbs. This physical strength allows Richardson to hold his own in the pocket and power through tackles on the ground. Combine this with a reported 4.4 forty-yard dash time, and you have a player with both the size and speed to pose a formidable threat on passing and rushing plays.

Areas for Improvement

Passing Completion Percentage: Richardson's passing completion rate stands at 54.7%, which is a tad lower than we'd like. When compared to other quarterbacks such as Justin Fields and Jalen Hurts, who have percentages in the high 60s, there's clearly room for improvement. More completions typically translate to more consistent fantasy production, so Richardson will want to bolster his completion rate.

Interceptions: A somewhat concerning aspect of Richardson's game is his interception rate. Throughout his college career, he threw 15 interceptions. While no quarterback is immune to interceptions, keeping them to a minimum enhances offensive efficiency and scoring opportunities. If Richardson can cut down on interceptions, his fantasy value could see a significant boost.

Statistical Comparison with Other QBs

Anthony Richardson2221539354.731057.97.4241516111166.912
Lamar Jackson3861910865790438.38.5692765541326.350
Josh Allen36564956.250667.87.744212377673.212
Jalen Hurts682104765.194779.19.7802061432745.343
Justin Fields042361868.457019.210.767926011334.419

When comparing Richardson with other notable quarterbacks, his play style most closely mirrors that of Josh Allen. But Richardson brings a little extra spice to the table, being larger, faster, and stronger than Allen. Both quarterbacks have demonstrated a knack for rushing touchdowns and, early in their careers, showed room for improvement in their passing games.

A point of encouragement is that Allen had issues with passing accuracy early in his career but managed to significantly improve, elevating him to one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. This trajectory suggests that with time, coaching, and experience, Richardson could improve his passing accuracy while maintaining his impressive rushing abilities.

To wrap up, Richardson's dual-threat potential and commendable yards per attempt make him a fascinating prospect in the fantasy football universe. However, for him to fully realize his potential and become a top-tier fantasy QB, he needs to improve his passing completion percentage, minimize his interceptions, and increase his passing touchdowns. Given his raw talent and capacity for growth, Richardson could be a game-changing addition to any fantasy team.

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